The Mahal - A Perfect Bite with Dubai’s Newest Turkish Delight

The Mahal, meaning district in Turkish, is an enticing restaurant that explores the rich culinary diversity of Turkish cuisine. Located in Dragon Mart 2, the tranquil urban hideaway is a new chapter for owner Bora Meral, building upon his previous success in the hospitality sector across Turkey and the USA. The original concept derived from his vision to bring genuine and authentic Turkish cuisine that is of good value to the Dubai dining scene. The Mahal is an enticing venue that is designed to bring the true pleasure of Turkish culinary art to the local community.

An uplifting and modern interior with high ceilings creates an open and relaxed dining space, which is familiar and yet unique. Integrating modern elements with details of history and culture, the design succeeds to translate traditional Turkish architecture in a contemporary style. Central to the setting is the colossal mirror that creates additional room in the already spacious dining area. Guests entering the restaurant will be greeted with a fresh display counter tantalizing the senses with a succulent selection of the finest cuts of meat, which are freshly made to order. An additional retail section offers refreshing Turkish Tea, original Turkish Coffee and Delights for take away, allowing guests to indulge in delectable treats with friends and family in the comfort of home.

Upon arrival diners will be welcomed with warmest of hospitality, an essential trait deeply rooted in Turkish culture, and discover a variety of classic dishes. Notable items from the delectable menu include Kofta with Cheese, juicy meatballs with a core of melting cheddar; ÇöpŞiş, a luscious and tender beef skewer; the all-time classic Iskender Doner, one of the most famous meat dishes of northwestern Turkey and an array of various lamb dishes. Central to the food offering is the bakery station with its oven, where the crispiest flatbread, Baklava and Kunefe are freshly baked. Another culinary highlight from the exquisite menu is the skillfully prepared one meter long Pide, a traditional pastry from the black sea region of the country, which is available in many variations ranging from the minced meat, cheese to spinach and many more.